Jun 21

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The Secret Life of Pets Trailer – Elementary listening practice

 This funny trailer gives you a great opportunity to practice a few simple expressions.

You will practice:

– how to say goodbye and

– how to ask someone about their plans for the day.

Watch the trailer and do a quick test to practice the expressions you heard. Have fun!

Proficiency level: elementary-lower intermediate (A2/B1) and above

Task 1: Watch the trailer. Which expressions did you hear?
 Any plans? – Sounds exciting! – Nothing special. – Hey – So long! – Catch up with you later – Cheers! – See you later!


Answers to Task 1: Any plans? – Sounds exciting! – Hey – So long! – See you later!

Task 2: INTERACTIVE QUIZ – Watch the trailer again if necessary, click ‘start quiz’ and fill in the missing words.


Here it goes!



Photo: youtube.com


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