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#2 Best Food and Wine Holidays – VocabList

Find out about Europe’s most popular summer destinations as selected by the experts of TELEGRAPH , including France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia and Greece… 


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 Below you will find our VocabList with terms and expressions WE thought to be

important to know, difficult to remember or just … tricky enough to be included

Did you find any other expressions that YOU think are worth mentioning?

Feel free to expand our list by dropping us a line here!

Thanks and enjoy!


Mich-starred (=Michelin-starred) restaurants

classes in the succulent (=tasty, luscious) art of cooking traditional dishes

lush (=with lot of green plants, trees and grass) meadows

the essential ingredients (=elements) on every menu hereabouts (=in this area)

rural gîtes (a holiday house in France)

ample wine and down-time (=relax time), and immoderate conviviality (=friendliness) in to-sigh-for (=extremely beautiful) surroundings

foodie (=a person who loves food) haven

real food through home-grown, farm-to-table, organic and zero-food-miles (=the distance a product travels from its production to your plate) produce

on the bumper-to-bumper (=traffic jam with cars almost touching each other) Amalfi coast road,

free shuttle bus for tipsy (=slightly drunk) revelers (=persons who enjoy themselves in a noisy way)

fantastic summer wine party, which is soaring (=increasing quickly) in popularity.

stopping off at wineries to sample (=taste) the local tipple (=here: wine),

Unleash (=free) your inner Don Quixote on an autumn trip

to be continued….


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