Jul 18

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What about Going Email Free?

Could you imagine a world without emails? A day without checking your inbox every 5 minutes? Well, there are some people who gave it a try and stopped using email. Moreover, the ‘no email trend’ is also taking roots in a range of industries, with more and more companies considering bans on internal emails. How does it work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend?

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 Email can have a direct impact on corporate bottom lines by distracting workers from role relevant tasks to deal with unimportant messages.

Email has come into the crosshairs of corporate policies around the globe.

Email bans have become increasingly popular ways for companies to help employees maintain work-life balance and boost their productivity.

Blanket bans, however, can backfire.

You can tell people you want them to have a work-life balance, but unless you are bringing in some hard-and-fast strategies to tackle this then “you are just putting lip service to it”

The biggest challenge in ditching email has been transitioning to other communications tools.


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