Nov 17

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The Top 10 Most Common Informal Expressions with ‘Wish’

These expressions are very often used in real-life English – knowing them will make your English flow naturally! So here you go!



1) to make a wish

= to try to make something happen by thinking about it

He blew out the candles on his cake and made a wish.


2) I wish! / You wish!

= You say this to show that something is (almost) impossible even if you’d like it to be possible.

You’ll save up enough money to buy a house soon. I wish!


3) wishful thinking

= the idea that something will happen although it is not true and not really possible

I think he likes me, but this could just be wishful thinking.


4) a wish list

= a list of all the things you’d like to have

I am writing a wish list for my birthday.


5) a wishing well

= a well (=a deep hole with water in it) or fountain that people drop coins into to make their wish come true

Do you have a dime? Here is a wishing well and I’d like to make a wish!


6) Your wish is my command!

= I’m ready to do whatever you say.

Would you like some more pancakes? Your wish is my command!


7) wish someone well

= to send good thoughts and wishes to someone

I wish you both well in this new chapter of your life.


8) wish something really hard

= to think that you want something very much

If you wish really hard, you may get what you want.


9) I wouldn’t wish something like that on my worst enemy!

= I wouldn’t want something bad/unpleasant like that to happen to anyone.

He was a terrible boss, he stressed me out every day while we worked together. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.


10) Be careful what you wish for! (You might just get it.)

= Your wish may come true, and you may realize that it’s not what you wanted!

Be careful what you wish for! Fame is not all that great. 



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