Common Words with DOWN


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Down-and-out, down payment, closedown... Well, don’t be down (=unhappy) if you are not really sure what these words and expressions mean, but take this quiz to practice the top 10 most common words with DOWN!

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Level: B1 and above


Words with DOWN

Practice the most frequent everyday expressions with “down”!



to be / feel down = to be unhappy

breakdown (n)= 1. failure to function / 2. a division of something into smaller parts

closedown (n) = the act to end the operation of something

countdown (n) to (an event) = a short period of time that leads to an event (counting backwards to zero)

downright (adj.) = extremely (especially when something is bad) (informal)

down in one = in one shot (when you drink the whole glass (of alcohol) without stopping)

down payment = part of the total cost of something you want to buy

down-and-out = to be a loser (without money, job, luck, etc)

down-at-heel (UK) / down-at-the-heel(s) (US) = in a very bad condition

downmarket (UK) / downscale (US) = very cheap/low in quality


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