Son of Soul Wins Oscar for Hungary in the Foreign Language Film Category


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Son of Saul

Son of Saul is the second Hungarian movie to ever win an Oscar. It is Hungarian-French director László Nemes’ first full-length film which had won a Golden Globe and the second-highest prize at the Cannes Film Festival before yesterday’s big win.

“Even in the darkest hours of mankind (=people as a group), there might be a voice within us that allows (=lets) us to remain (=stay) human,” Nemes said on stage. “That’s the hope of this film.”

The film’s title character is an inmate (=prisoner, captive) at the Auschwitz concentration camp who risks his life to attempt (=try) to give a proper Jewish burial for a boy he believes is his son.

In the video below, you can watch Laszlo Nemes thank the Academy, the Hungarian National Film Fund and his collaborators at the ceremony:




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Son of Saul shakes up audiences – First-time Hungarian director wins big at Cannes


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