The 10-Day Phrasal Verbs Challenge – Mike meets Harvey


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What are phrasal verbs?

Phrasal verbs are VERB+PREPOSITION combinations and English has a LOT of them! They are also tough to learn if English is not your first language. Even advanced learners of English often try to avoid them. However, not using phrasal verbs is not really possible, you must master them if you want to pass the TOEIC, the TOEFL, the IELTS, or any other language exam. Plus, it also makes your English sound much more natural if you use phrasal verbs.

To help you learn them more easily, we have launched the 10-Day Phrasal Verbs Challenge!

The 10-Day Phrasal Verbs Challenge is designed to help you learn the 20 most important phrasal verbs in English.

Over the next 10 days you will learn 2 new phrasal verbs every day.This is not a lot and will take only about 10 minutes every day.

10 minutes every day will soon add up and you will see results! You will understand common everyday phrasal verbs better AND your English will be more fluent. So get cracking right now!

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For now, let me give you a quick task to show you that spoken English really is FULL of phrasal verbs!

Watch this funny scene from SUITS and below and tell us how many phrasal verbs you hear.

STUDY TIP:  Read the script below the video box while you listen. It makes it easier to follow the text and find the phrasal verbs.



Donna, we’re going to need to streamline this.
Give each guy a hard time before you send them back.
Give me a wink if they say something clever.

Okay. What are you looking for?

Another me.

So, Chip, what makes you think that I’m going to let the whitest man that I have ever seen interview for our firm? Uh, because I have an appointment.

Kid, what is wrong with you? You look like you’re 11 years old.
I was late to puberty.
Thank you.

Rick Sorkin. Rick Sorkin. Rick Sorkin? Excuse me, Mr.Sorkin, you are five minutes late.
Is there a reason why I should let you in? Look, I’m just trying to ditch the cops, okay? I don’t really care if you let me in or not.

Mr.Specter will be right with you.


Can I get you anything? A coffee or a bottle of water?

Uh, Rick Sorkin.
Harvey Specter.
Nice to meet you.
Why don’t you have a seat here? Whoa. What’s this?

Can I help you?


How the hell did you know they were the police?

I read this novel in elementary school, and it was the exact same thing.

You read a novel in elementary school.

What? I like to read.

And why did you ask them what time it was?

Uh, throw them off. I mean, what kind of drug dealer asks a cop what time it is when he’s got a briefcase full of pot, right?

We should hire you.

Jesus, I’d give you the 25 grand as a signing bonus.

I’ll take it.

Unfortunately, we only hire from Harvard. And you not only did not go to Harvard Law School, you haven’t even gone to any law school.

What if I told you that I consume knowledge like no one you’ve ever met and I’ve actually passed the bar?

I’d say you’re full of crap.

That’s a BarBri Legal Handbook right there, right? Open it up. Read me something. Anything.

“Civil liability associated with agency is based on several factors, including”

Including the deviation of the agent from his path, the reasonable inference of agency on behalf of the plaintiff, and the nature of the damages themselves.

How did you know that?

I learned it when I studied for the bar.

Okay, hotshot. Fire up this laptop. I’m gonna show you what a Harvard attorney can do. Pick a topic.

Stock option backdating.

Although backdating options is legal, violations arise related to disclosures under IRC, Section 409A.

You forgot about Sarbanes-Oxley.

The statute of limitations renders Sarbanes-Oxley moot post-2007.

Well, not if you can find actions to cover up the violation, as established in the Sixth Circuit, May 2008.

That’s impressive, but you’re sitting at a computer.

Playing Hearts. Sorry. If you want to beat me, you’re going to have to do it at something else.

How can you know all that?

I told you. I like to read. And once I read something, I understand it. And once I understand it, I never forget it.

Why take the bar?

This dickhead bet me I couldn’t pass it without going to law school.

Okay, look. This is all pretty fascinating stuff, but I’m afraid I’ve got to get back to work. I’ll make sure that Serpico isn’t around waiting for you.

If you want this job so much, why didn’t you just go to law school?

When I was in college, it was my dream to be a lawyer. I needed some money and Trevor convinced me to memorize this math test and sell it. Turns out we sold it to the dean’s daughter. I lost my scholarship, I got kicked out of school, I got knocked into a different life. And I have been wishing for a way back ever since.

Let me tell you something. This isn’t elementary school. This is hard work. Long hours. High pressure. I need a grown goddamn man.

You give me this, and I will work as hard as it takes to school those Harvard douches and become the best lawyer you have ever seen.

I’m inclined to give you a shot but what if I decide to go another way?

I’d say that’s fair. Sometimes, I like to hang out with people who aren’t that bright. You know, just to see how the other half lives.

Move over. I’m emailing the firm we’ve just found our next associate.

All right. You’re going to start a week from Monday. Here’s what you’re going to do. First, no more pot. We drug test. Stop smoking now, you’ll be fine. I assume that’s all the drugs you do.

How did you know that?

You read books, I read people. And pot-heads smoke pot. That’s what they do.

That’s not all I do. I have interests.

You’re Albert “frigging” Einstein and you couldn’t manage to get into law school? You think that’s not from smoking weed?

Trevor got …

That’s another thing. You’re never going to talk to Trevor again. You’re going to ditch that briefcase and you’re going to get on a plane to Harvard and you’re going to learn everything there is about going to law school there. Did you buy that suit?


Let’s buy some new ones.


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