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Expressions with MAKE, DO & TAKE

 Expressions with MAKE, DO & TAKE   There are lots of expressions with MAKE, DO & TAKE in English. Do […]

What’s a ‘rain check’? – Now I Know

 Rain check is an expression that often pops up in everyday conversation. You may hear it in movies, TV series, […]

The 10-Day Phrasal Verbs Challenge – Mike meets Harvey

 What are phrasal verbs? Phrasal verbs are VERB+PREPOSITION combinations and English has a LOT of them! They are also tough […]

Accepting and refusing invitations – Now I Know

 Accepting and refusing invitations can be tricky (= difficult). What do you say when you’re invited to a party? What […]

Cook in English – Healthy turmeric ginger lemonade

 A delicious recipe with a quick vocabulary building task! What’s not to like? Prep and cook time:  20 minutes Serves […]

10 Words in 10 Minutes – Ricki and the Flash Movie Trailer

 Meryl Streep is amazing as always in her new role! In Ricki and the Flash she portrays a rocker who […]

Son of Soul Wins Oscar for Hungary in the Foreign Language Film Category

 Son of Saul is the second Hungarian movie to ever win an Oscar. It is Hungarian-French director László Nemes’ first […]

Leap Year – Listening Comprehension Quiz

 A leap year is a year when we get an extra 24 hours of time, in other words, an extra […]

How to answer the WHY YOU question?

 The job interview is one of the most stressful professional experiences for most of us. In this series we go […]

Animal Idioms – Beef, chicken & duck

 Do you know any animal idioms? There are quite a few in English and they come up quite often in […]


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