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Zero – How to say 0 in English? – Picture Dictionary

 0, ZERO, NOUGHT, NIL? or LOVE?? How to say 0 when referring to phone numbers, dates, temperatures, scores or even […]

The Oscar goes to – Competition Vocab

 Do you know who was honored at Hollywood’s biggest night, the 88th Oscar Academy Awards?And do you know how to […]


 If you wish to land a job with an EU institution, you need to keep yourself up-to-date about the terminology […]

Who’s who in the EU? – Donald TUSK


EU&News – Europe on the v……………. of collapse? Interview with Soros

 In an interview with the New York Review of Books, billionaire financier George Soros has warned that the European Union […]

Words of Wisdom – The World is a Dangerous Place

  The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of […]

Stand with Paris

  Image courtesy of chrisroll at  

The Power of Hope and Determination

 The Power of Hope and Determination   „I don’t need to be someone I am not, I just need to […]

NEW: move your mouse over words to read their definition

 NEW – Text Tooltips on EU English! Hover over the words underlined with a dotted line to see their definitions! […]

Minimum wage debates in the US and the EU

 Ever felt like you’re working for peanuts? What’s the minimum wage in your country? And how does it compare to […]


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