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Who’s who in the EU? – JUNCKER

 Quite often, EU institutions and EU terms are hidden behind names, abbreviations or even word plays. So, if you do […]

What’s a ZERO-SUM GAME? – Now I Know

 A ZERO-SUM GAME is a situation in which what is gained by one person or group is lost by another. […]

Job Interview – What to do with your Hands? – JOB HUNT

 Having a good resume, an effective cover letter or being dressed properly for a job interview is just the beginning. […]

Temporary Jobs – EPSONews&Terminology

 If you wish to land a job with an EU institution, you need, first of all, to keep yourself up-to-date […]

Who is the EU’s Foreign Policy Chief?

 Who is the EU’s foreign policy chief? Do you know? In this short video you can learn about the EU’s […]

What’s it like to work for an EU institution?

 This short video was published by EPSO, the European Personnel Selection Office, to advertise EU jobs. Watch the video and […]

EPSO Practice – Numerical Reasoning Part 1

 Unless you are a math whiz, it’s tough to talk about statistics, graphs, numbers and trends in English. Download the pdf  […]

EPSO – NEWS & Terminology

 A career with the EU is an amazing opportunity to work in a stimulating and interesting, not to mention, multilingual […]

French words in (EU) English QUIZ

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Get EU Funding for Your Project

 This short video will give you an overview of EU funding opportunities. Scroll down for a short quiz and a […]


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