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What’s a ‘rain check’? – Now I Know

 Rain check is an expression that often pops up in everyday conversation. You may hear it in movies, TV series, […]

Accepting and refusing invitations – Now I Know

 Accepting and refusing invitations can be tricky (= difficult). What do you say when you’re invited to a party? What […]

Pearls of Wisdom from Goldie Hawn, Actress and Happiness Expert

 Goldie Hawn – who says she’s most proud of being a “happiness expert” and who is also known for her […]

10 Words in 10 Minutes – The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon’s Mother Visits

 Got 10 minutes? Watch this funny excerpt from The Big Bang Theory, train your ears to understand fast-paced spoken English, […]

Dirty Dancing is 28 years old

 Dirty Dancing hit theaters 28 years ago and it was an instant success shooting its stars, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer […]

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