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Cook in English – Healthy turmeric ginger lemonade

 A delicious recipe with a quick vocabulary building task! What’s not to like? Prep and cook time:  20 minutes Serves […]

English Workout – Flat Stomach & Key English Vocabulary

 English Workout is a series of activities in which we pair a quick physical workout with a quick mental exercise, […]

Your body language shapes who you are – The JOB HUNT Series

 Your body language shapes who you are, says Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist at Harvard University. Body language affects how […]


 My New Year’s Resolutions: lose 10 lbs (= pounds), work out for 60 minutes every day, spend quality time with […]

Childhood obesity linked to parenting style

 Parenting style may be causing obesity in kids, Canadian researchers say. Here is how! Level: B2 and above What you […]

2iN1 Mind & Body – The Best Moves for a Bikini Bottom & The Essential Words to Describe Movements

 Welcome to the next edition of our 2iN1 Mind & Body series! Are you about to start getting ready for […]

English & Science – Worry warts are creative geniuses!

 The next time you look down on someone for worrying, you might want to remember they’re probably a freaking genius. […]

2 iN 1 Mind & Body – 3 Key Moves to Sculpt Your Arms & 3 Key Patterns to Make your English Fluent

 Feel like doing a really quick exercise to tone up your arms? Why not give it a boost and train […]

Things You Probably Don’t Know About Coffee

 Are you a coffee-lover like me? Did you know that September 29 is National Coffee Day in the US? Here […]

The Best Way to Lose Weight

 If you are trying to find the best tool to lose weight, you have come to the right place! This […]

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