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USED TO DO SOMETHING – Interactive Quiz

 USED TO DO SOMETHING is a structure we can use to talk about something that we did regularly in the […]


 USED TO structures can be confusing because there are 3 of them and they mean different things. Let’s recap! What […]

Make new words – Interactive Quiz

 How to make new words? Prefixes and suffixes are groups of letters glued to the beginning and the end of […]

The Causative Quiz

 We use causative verbs to show that someone or something caused something to happen. Causative verbs are: get, have, make, […]

Practice Present Tenses – Interactive Grammar Quiz

 Practice Present Tenses Practice present tenses in English with this interactive quiz! It’s quick, it’s fun and great practice. Read […]

Present Perfect Tense Quiz

 Let’s take a quick quiz to practice the present perfect tense. Level: B1 and above       Related posts: […]

The Conditionals QUIZ

 What would you do if you won the lottery? I’d buy a house, world-wide health insurance cover for my family […]


 Talking about wishes is no easy task in English. Let’s do a quick quiz to see if you know the […]

16 Words Often Used Incorrectly – A2/B1 level – QUIZ

 These words are often used incorrectly, so let’s see how well you can use them. Do the quiz, and then […]

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