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Verb Tenses Made Easy – An Introduction

 Verb tenses in English can be challenging even if you have already been studying English for many years. The tense […]

Greetings and introductions – Now I Know

 Greetings and introductions are the first words we say to people we meet, so it’s good to know what to […]

Formal vs. Informal Situations – A quick note – Now I Know

 Formal and informal situations – you often hear this expression when you are learning about different ways of saying things […]

CEFR Levels Explained – Now I Know

 CEFR levels are among the first things you read about when you get information about language exams. Also known as […]

Common Words with DOWN

 Down-and-out, down payment, closedown… Well, don’t be down (=unhappy) if you are not really sure what these words and expressions […]

Present Perfect Tense Quiz

 Let’s take a quick quiz to practice the present perfect tense. Level: B1 and above       Related posts: […]

The Top 10 Most Common Words with UP

 Take this quiz to practice the top 10 most common words with UP. Well, only if you‘re up for it (= […]

Problem words # 2 – Lie and Lay Explained & Interactive Quiz

 These words are easily confused, so let’s quickly revise them and see how they differ in meaning. After that, take […]

Easily Confused Economic Terms – Net or Gross?

 Do YOU know the difference? There are plenty of economic terms you may come across while reading the news or […]

The Conditionals QUIZ

 What would you do if you won the lottery? I’d buy a house, world-wide health insurance cover for my family […]


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