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Pearls of Wisdom from Goldie Hawn, Actress and Happiness Expert

 Goldie Hawn – who says she’s most proud of being a “happiness expert” and who is also known for her […]

Friends – Joey & Ross Stuck on the Roof

 Remember when Joey and Ross got stuck on the roof together and they must climb down the fire escape? An […]

INTERACTIVE LISTENING – Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Movie Trailer

 I’ll bet many of you are excited about the new Star Wars movie – and the wait is almost over! […]

The Halloween Boo Song – brought to you by Curious George

 Halloween is time to scare the heck out of your friends, so here is a great song that also teaches […]

10 Words in 10 Minutes with a heart-warming new movie – The Intern

 This feel-good movie starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway hit theatres in September – let’s watch the trailer and […]

10 Words in 10 Minutes – The Big Bang Theory: Leonard’s Mother

 Got 10 minutes?  Watch a fun excerpt from The Big Bang Theory & learn 10 words & grammar points in […]

10 Words in 10 Minutes – The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon’s Mother Visits

 Got 10 minutes? Watch this funny excerpt from The Big Bang Theory, train your ears to understand fast-paced spoken English, […]

Dirty Dancing is 28 years old

 Dirty Dancing hit theaters 28 years ago and it was an instant success shooting its stars, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer […]

10 Words in 10 Minutes – Inside Out Movie / What do the voices in our head tell us?

 How are you feeling today? Good, mad, sad, scared, all of the above? Aren’t these emotions a bit like voices […]

10 words in 10 minutes – My Big Fat Greek Wedding

 Remember the number one romantic comedy in 2002? My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of my all time favorites […]


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