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Cook in English – Healthy turmeric ginger lemonade

 A delicious recipe with a quick vocabulary building task! What’s not to like? Prep and cook time:  20 minutes Serves […]

Sample Answers to the Weakness Question – The JOB HUNT series

 As part of the JOB HUNT series, we’ll go through the most common and difficult job interview questions and give […]

CEFR Levels Explained – Now I Know

 CEFR levels are among the first things you read about when you get information about language exams. Also known as […]

Reading & Vocabulary – Want to keep your friends? Then don’t use this word!

 Useful advice about what to say when you are too busy to hang out with (=spend time with) your friends, […]

TOEFL Practice – Thanksgiving in North America

 We are excited to announce that we are launching a series of posts to help you prepare for a range […]

Pearls of Wisdom from Goldie Hawn, Actress and Happiness Expert

 Goldie Hawn – who says she’s most proud of being a “happiness expert” and who is also known for her […]

Childhood obesity linked to parenting style

 Parenting style may be causing obesity in kids, Canadian researchers say. Here is how! Level: B2 and above What you […]

Migrant crisis: Migration to Europe explained in graphics

 Migrant crisis: Migration to Europe explained in graphics How many people are coming? Where do they come from? What is […]

Quote of the Day #1 – Jamie Oliver on Travelling

   “Pick a destination, go there, be open-minded and talk to the locals. Eat the things they eat and go […]

Leaving EU would be a ‘disaster’, British universities warn

  Leaving EU would be a ‘disaster’, British universities warn What are the impacts of a potential UK exit from […]


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