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EPSO Competitions

A career with the EU?

Press conference on an EPSO competition for linguists



Get you English up to speed to pass the tests and land that job!

Learn more about the structure of the EPSO competitions!

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A career with the EU is an amazing opportunity to work in a stimulating and interesting, not to mention, multilingual environment and to have the opportunity to make a difference in your field. Before you can apply for a job, however, you will need to pass a series of tests that focus on different skills and competences. You may take some of the tests in your first language, which makes them a bit easier, but you will take most of the tests in a chosen second (or third) language.

Taking a test in English is twice the challenge as taking it in your first language, so you will probably need to prepare for it depending on your proficiency level. We can help you do just that.

Here is what you will find on our site to help you get ready for the EPSO competition:

Reading comprehension tasks that will make it easier for you to ace verbal and numerical reasoning tests.

Communication tasks that will help you practice for the situational judgement test.

Video lessons  that will train your note-taking and comprehension skills needed for nailing the Assessment Centre tests.

We also offer skype sessions to help you prepare for the oral interview.

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Who’s who in the EU? – JUNCKER


Quite often, EU institutions and EU terms are hidden behind names, abbreviations or even word plays. So, if you do not know the key personalities of the EU (Tusk, Juncker, Mogherini, etc.) and the main concepts under discussion, you can hardly guess, what is actually meant by a newspaper headline....

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What’s a ZERO-SUM GAME? – Now I Know


A ZERO-SUM GAME is a situation in which what is gained by one person or group is lost by another. Here is an example that describes what a zero-sum situation is:   To understand zero-sum games, it is helpful to think of the following example: If I have a slice...

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Job Interview – What to do with your Hands? – JOB HUNT


Having a good resume, an effective cover letter or being dressed properly for a job interview is just the beginning. But how to manage your HANDS ?? As you could see in our previous post, your BODY LANGUAGE also shapes who your are! So, if you really want to nail...

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Temporary Jobs – EPSONews&Terminology

Press conference on an EPSO competition for linguists

If you wish to land a job with an EU institution, you need, first of all, to keep yourself up-to-date about ongoing open competitions and the terminology used in the description of available job profiles. So, the good news is, we can help you in both! Follow the EPSO NEWS...

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Who is the EU’s Foreign Policy Chief?

EU's foreign policy chief

Who is the EU's foreign policy chief? Do you know? In this short video you can learn about the EU's top diplomat and her job. It comes with a quick, interactive listening quiz to help you get the main ideas. INTERACTIVE QUIZ Practice listening for key information (gist) about the...

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What’s it like to work for an EU institution?


This short video was published by EPSO, the European Personnel Selection Office, to advertise EU jobs. Watch the video and do a quick, interactive vocab quiz! Level: B1/B2 and above  

Do you remember the key words used to describe jobs, working environment and colleagues in this video?

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EPSO Practice – Numerical Reasoning Part 1


Unless you are a math whiz, it's tough to talk about statistics, graphs, numbers and trends in English. Download the pdf  to practice the vocabulary of numerical reasoning tests - one of EPSO's favorite kind. Part 2 is coming soon   All the questions refer to the statistics below:    Source:...

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EPSO – NEWS & Terminology

Press conference on an EPSO competition for linguists

A career with the EU is an amazing opportunity to work in a stimulating and interesting, not to mention, multilingual environment and to have the opportunity to make a difference in your field. If you wish to be part of this community and land a job with an EU institution,...

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French words in (EU) English QUIZ


Take this quiz to find out which chic French words are often used in (EU) English!

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Get EU Funding for Your Project


This short video will give you an overview of EU funding opportunities. Scroll down for a short quiz and a vocabulary list! Source: EuroParlTV    

Watch the video again if necessary, and answer the questions about the video.

  KEY VOCABULARY SME = small or medium-sized enterprise NGO = non-governmental organization eligible = fit, suitable, able to have or do...

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LuxLeaks – Whistleblowers in action


Who are whistleblowers? Are their actions illegal? Or are they protected by law? Find out more on this topic from the article below. The expressions highlighted in green are closely related to whistleblowers and help you understand the concept behind this term. You will also find some useful expressions to...

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European Commission – Press release / Antitrust: Commission sends Statement of Objections to Google on comparison shopping service

Margrethe Vestager

This activity is a great opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with legal English and EU documents. Take 20 minutes, read the text and learn the most important words by reading the excerpts and doing the quick quiz! If you want to read the entire document, click here! European Commission...

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QUIZ on EU Multilingualism

ID-10026459-Colourful people

DO YOU KNOW who decides on multilingualism at EU level? What is the difference between multilingualism and plurilingualism? Or how many languages are spoken by the most multilingual person in the Commission? Check it out NOW, along with our detailed, learner-friendly explanations.

  If you like our quizzes, share them with friends and colleagues by using the button below.   Image courtesy of renjith krishnan at

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Harmony of Babel – Multilingualism in the EU


With 24 official languages (and counting), and over 60 indigenous regional or minority languages, the EU truly is a paradise for language enthusiasts! Many Europeans benefit from growing up speaking more than one language either because their country is officially multilingual (e.g., Belgium or Luxembourg) or for a number of...

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European Citizens’ Initiative – QUIZ

EUtopics_European Citizens Initiative_Quiz

Do you have an idea that you'd like to call the EU's attention to? Maybe about an issue concerning public health or the environment? The good news is: If you'd like to change the legislation of a particular matter close to your heart, you can. You just need to know...

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EPSO Prep – Numerical Reasoning Test – Part 2


When it comes to numerical reasoning tests, understanding the expressions, abbreviations and concepts they use is half the battle. Take this quiz to see if you are on top of things when it comes to the expressions & ideas used in the statistics below. Download the handout here if you'd...

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EU grants and tenders – What’s the difference?


Are you in doubt when using terms and expressions related of EU funds and contracts? Click here to clear up your confusion! Featured image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

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About the EPSO Exam

Press conference on an EPSO competition for linguists

The EPSO competitions explained: Read this short summary to get the picture! Image courtesy of

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EU Abbreviations QUIZ


EU Abbreviations Quiz – Do you know the short for the following?


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