Jun 17

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Freeze Yourself to Health? – New Fitness Treatment from Monaco

This new trend has people freeze themselves for 2 or 3 minutes in minus 100 degrees Celsius only to feel … great afterwards! Read on, revise some vocabulary, and practice some cool expressions to make your English flow with the help of an interactive test!


Source: Yahoo Beauty, Original article by Kristin Tice Studeman

Hot Spot: Cryotherapy at the Thermes Marins-Monte Carlo Spa

Could you handle spending a few minutes in minus 166 degrees Fahrenheit? Lindsay Lohan did. The bikini-clad star shared photos on Instagram on Monday showing her coming out of the super cool chambers with her friend Brittany Byrd. Lohan isn’t alone in her love for chilling out — LeBron James has been using cryotherapy to recover in-between NBA playoff games. This type of therapy comes with a lot of benefits, from stress relief to anti-aging. I visited the Thermes Marins-Monte Carlo spa in Monaco, which offers the state-of-the-art treatment. Here’s the scoop on the new beauty and health treatment:
The treatment: Cryotherapy at the Thermes Marins-Monte Carlo spa in Monaco.
The lowdown: This is the first and only spa in Europe to offer cryotherapy. Essentially, you spend a few (rather painful) minutes in a very cold room, and come out feeling insanely rejuvenated.
The scoop: You enter the cryotherapy chamber wearing nothing but your your swimwear (warning: no metal pieces allowed on your suit), and the accessories the spa therapist gives you (socks, gloves, a facemask, and a headband). Spend 10 seconds in the first chamber, set at a cool minus 76 degrees, just to get acclimated. Then you move to the second chamber, which is minus 166 degrees, in which you can spend a max of three minutes in and a minimum of two minutes. You’re encouraged to move around while inside to stimulate blood circulation. After exiting the ice-cold room, it takes about a half-hour to recover your skin temperature, and then you start to feel the treatment’s effects.
The results: It definitely takes a little time to recover from the shock of the dry, cold air treatment, but it is well worth it. Cryotherapy has been proven to be loaded with benefits, especially when it comes to improving sleep disorders, reducing stress, helping athletes recover, and anti-aging. I was feeling exhausted after a long, overnight flight, and found it to be the perfect jet-lag cure. Just a few hours later, I felt completely refreshed and full of renewed energy. Maybe it was just that fresh salt air, or it was the treatment, but I also felt my complexion suddenly looked dewy and vibrant (a far cry from the way it looked when I got off the plane). I hear it also happens to be an excellent hangover cure for those late, Monte Carlo party nights.


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Now let’s see if you remember these cool expressions from the text!



be encouraged to do something = to tell someone to do something because it is good for them

bikini-clad = dressed in a bikini

a chamber = a room

chill out = to relax

complexion = skin

dewy = here: very fresh and beautiful

a far cry from = very different from

get acclimated = get used to the temperature (here: the cold)

be loaded with = be full of

the lowdown = the true facts

the scoop = the latest info that many people don’t know

state-of-the-art = very modern, using the latest technology


Image courtesy of Tina Phillips at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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