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How To Rent an Apartment in London

Thinking of moving to London? Read these tips on how to rent an apartment before you set out on an apartment hunt & revise some of the key words you’ll need to start your search! Move your mouse over the highlighted words to read their definition.


How to Rent an Apartment in London?


London is a fast-paced and expensive city, home to many students and professionals from all around the world who study and work there. In order to get a good deal, take the following advice from  www.stepbystep.com !

# 1  The very first step to start the apartment hunt is narrowing down the area where you want to live. Decide about the travel zone and specific area of London you would prefer, as the prices greatly vary. Central London’s apartments are very expensive as compared to apartments situated in the suburbs. Also look for your travel priorities; if you have plans to use the public transport, or have your own personal conveyance?

# 2  The second thing is the duration of rental and the lease type. Properties are available either on contract or are notice-based. If you are going to live in a certain place for a shorter period of time, then look for notice based properties because contractual-based properties are mostly available on a 6 months contract.

# 3  Another factor which greatly affects the prices is the type of property. So decide whether you want a one bed flat, apartment, studio or a room. Furnished or unfurnished types of properties also have different prices.

# 4  Before doing a contract or lease, look for shops and amenities near the place. If the place does not have many shops and amenities nearby, then it is better to look for another property.

# 5  Once you have made your mind, the next step is to look for properties. Following is a list of many letting agents and online property listing portals in UK that can help you search a property in London.

# 6  Once everything is sorted out and you like an apartment, the next step is the documentation. Check all of the documentation very carefully as it includes all the terms and conditions of rental. Once you are satisfied with the conditions, sign all of the documents and keep a copy with you.

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