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‘Son of Saul’ shakes up audiences – first-time Hungarian director Laszlo Nemes wins big in Cannes

 A heart-wrenching drama and a critically-acclaimed fresh take on the evil reality of the Holocaust.

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Holocaust drama ‘Son of Saul’ shakes up Cannes audiences

Source: http://news.yahoo.com

CANNES, France (AP) — A Hungarian film that takes viewers into the hellish heart of the Holocaust has left Cannes reeling.

“Son of Saul,” the first feature from director Laszlo Nemes, has become an early favorite to win the Palme d’Or and has been praised for reimagining the way the Holocaust is depicted onscreen.

The Hollywood Reporter called the film “remarkable — and remarkably intense,” while Variety judged it “terrifyingly accomplished.” The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw said it was “devastating and terrifying” and praised its “gaunt, fierce kind of courage.”

It’s rare for a director’s first film to be chosen for Cannes’ main competition, rarer still for it to be met with such an enthusiastic response.

Cinematographer Matyas Erdely said Friday the challenge for the filmmakers was “how to show things that are not possible to show.”

“The genius idea of Laszlo’s was that we just won’t show things that cannot be shown,” he told reporters. “Basically our approach was to exclude everything that is not fundamental to our story.”

“We thought that less was more,” the 38-year-old Nemes said, explaining his decision to let viewers’ imaginations fill in the gaps, aided by an unforgettably evocative soundtrack. “What was important for me was to make a film about this hellish experience in a different way. … We wanted to boil everything down to the dimension of a single human being.”

“Son of Saul” offers neither hope nor redemption, and many viewers found watching it a draining experience.

Rohrig — a New York-based Hungarian poet who fills almost every frame of the movie — said his biggest challenge was to play a character whose horizons and emotions have withered under brutal conditions.

“The only way to remain sane and live this type of life was to cease to be a human being, to be detached from your emotions,” Rohrig said. “The challenge of the character was to dance in a very, very small area, in a very minimalist way.”


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Use 6 of the highlighted words to complete the sentences.


Here it goes!




accomplished = skilled, professional, polished

boil down to = to have something as the most important part

cease (to do something) = to stop (doing something)

depict = to describe, show

devastating = overwhelming, emotionally difficult to handle

draining = emotionally difficult to handle

evocative = making you think of a strong image or feeling

feature = movie, film

gaunt = bony, skinny, very thin

praise = to say good things about something

redemption = recovery, being saved from the power of evil

reel = to spin around (like a roll of film)

withered = very weak


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