Jun 11

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The surprising new power symbol for women

What would you say is the new power symbol for women? Yes, it has to do with looks and clothing, but you may be surprised! The reading comes with a short quiz!

Is this the new power symbol for women?

From bbc.com

Is there a must-have accessory for powerful women?

Some rely on a strong cuff bracelet. Others insist on a unique pair of shoes or a certain style of suit. But Ilaria Alber-Glanstaetten, the head of corporate and brand communications at luxury carmaker Ferrari in Maranello, Italy, dons a scarf to announce who she is.

“In the world I’m in, fashion and luxury, having things that show that I’m an insider and in the know is important,” said Alber-Glanstaetten, who pays as much as $700 for her scarves made of pashmina, cashmere or silk.

Why scarves and why now? In part, women are taking a softer approach to corporate style, said Donna Loveday, co-curator of the exhibition Women Fashion Power at the Design Museum in London. Scarves are appearing more on women’s necks in the boardroom, the statehouse and the office as a way to express personality. Powerful women who routinely wear scarves include Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund and Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo.

In some cases, expensive wraps also broadcast economic standing.

“Women used to dress to blend in in a corporate environment,” said Loveday. “Now they don’t feel the need to disguise or conceal their femininity anymore.”

Wei Sun Christianson, co-chief executive officer of Morgan Stanley, Asia Pacific, based in Beijing, China, is one of the political and business leaders whose outfits are included in the museum’s exhibition.

“Wei Sun Christianson has a very high-profile senior role,” said Loveday. “She loves wearing scarves. For her, a piece of vintage jewellery or a brightly coloured scarf is a way of expressing her personality. Similarly, the tie for a man is sometimes a means of injecting some of his personality.”

Dos and don’ts

Mirella Zanatta, associate director of programs at brand consulting company Corporate Class Inc in Toronto, who owns about 50 scarves, advises having an expert or perhaps an honest friend help you choose hues that complement your skin tone.

“The right colour will make you look healthy, well rested and vibrant,” she said.

“If you have a fine bone structure… go for a fine fabric,” Zanatta said. Natural fabrics such as silk, cashmere and linen are best. “They are going to look better, they drape better and they will wear better.”

Match your style to your workplace and your career level. “Wearing a big, draped scarf sends a message that you’re comfortable, approachable and warm,” she said, adding that style works well in relaxed work environments, such as information technology.



1 Find the synonyms of the following words in the text.

wear = …………………..

disguise = …………………

clothes = ……………………..

scarf = ………………………..

material = ……………………….



Maybe you have noticed that the word SCARF is somewhat irregular when used in the plural SCARVES. Let’s revise some other irregular plurals!


ANSWERS: wear = don / disguise = conceal / clothes = outfits / scarf = wrap / material = fabric


Read the full story – BBC


Photo credit: Christine Lagarde Managing Director of the IMF / www.bbc.com


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