Jul 22

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#3 Best Food and Wine Holidays in Europe – FRANCE

Find out about Europe’s most popular summer destinations as selected by the experts of THE TELEGRAPH , including France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia and Greece… 

So, what about starting our Food and Wine Tour in FRANCE?

and… picking up some words in French?:)

Check out our VocabList for some culinary terms that will come in handy for your holidays in France! Any other expressions that YOU think are worth mentioning? Feel free to expand our list by dropping us a line here! Thanks and enjoy!

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traditional dishes like poulet (=chicken) Vallée d’Auge

There are two adjoining rural gîtes (a holiday house for renting) just west of Livarot in the heart of cheese country

here are some fine crus (=wine), good food, excellent people and stirring landscapes to be experienced

Earthy black truffles, velvety foie gras (luxury food made of the liver of a duck or goose), canard (=duck) in all its guises

“My cuisine (=kitchen) is of the terroir (=area), and has a strong French identity”

The itinerary includes visits to private chateaux (=castles) on four consecutive days

to be continued….

Still not enough?

Then TAKE THIS QUIZ and find out how FRENCH you really are!:)



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