Jul 15

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The Greek Debt Crisis Explained & Money expressions in English

If you think of the Greek debt crisis as a big fat Greek problem, you should think again – all the European countries could be affected… Watch the video to understand what the crisis is about AND learn great words to talk about money problems in English!


Watch the video and note down all the expressions related to MONEY. If you don’t know the meaning of the words, but you think they have to do with money, write them down anyway, we’ll explain.

For example, bankruptcy = not have enough money to pay what you owe, a financial disaster.


VOCABULARY – synonyms of having NO or (LITTLE) MONEY

To talk about a friend of yours:

John is …

broke / flat broke / strapped for cash (or cash-strapped) / tapped out / low on cash

John went bust


To talk about a country:

Greece is…

on the brink of (= heading towards) bankruptcy / cash-strapped / sinking into default /

in a financial calamity / in economic meltdown / on the verge of going under 


What to do to get back on your feet….

tighten your belt / ALWAYS have a safety net / save money / institute austerity measures (if you are a country)




Here comes a quick quiz with some really funky expressions from the video! Words to know!



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