Sep 28

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Supermoon & blood moon

Before the sun went down all the way on the 27th, I looked up and saw the moon – it was an amazing sight! Did you see it too? Here is what it is in a nutshell with the key words explained!

Level: B1 and above

Supermoon eclipse around the world

Stargazers were treated to a rare astronomical phenomenon when a total lunar eclipse combined with a so-called supermoon.

Those in the United States, Europe, Africa and western Asia were able to view the coupling, weather permitting, Sunday night or early Monday.

It was the first time the events have made a twin appearance since 1982, and they won’t again until 2033.

When a full moon makes its closest approach to Earth, it appears slightly bigger and brighter than usual and has a reddish hue.

Source: www.yahoo.com



stargazer = a person who likes to observe the stars

lunar eclipse or blood moon = occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its shadow

weather permitting = if the weather is nice and clear so we are able to see the moon

to make a twin appearance = 2 things appear/occur/happen at the same time

hue = color


Photo credit: Zsolt Berend


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