Oct 16

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10 Words in 10 Minutes with a heart-warming new movie – The Intern

This feel-good movie starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway hit theatres in September – let’s watch the trailer and learn 10 words in 10 minutes!

Level: B1/B2 and above


Task 1: Watch the trailer and take notes on vocabulary.

Write down words and expressions from the movie that you think may be useful for you. Write them down even if you understand them – this exercise will help you learn how to use them actively in context. It will help build your active vocabulary! Active vocabulary refers to the words in your head that you can easily use when you speak or write English.


Task 2: Learn 10 words in 10 minutes – Complete the sentences using words you heard in the trailer.

When you are done, click “View Questions” to see the correct answers, or scroll down.


Here it goes!







Retirement is a tireless, relentless effort in creativity. – EFFORT – energy to do something – MAKE AN EFFORT

I thought she was meeting with her new intern. – MEET WITH – meet to talk about work or other issues

I’m glad you also see the humour in this. Would be hard not to. – HARD – difficult

Don’t feel like you have to dress up. – DRESS UP – dress formally in a suit

At least I’ll stand out. – STAND OUT – to be different

My intern keeps busy. – KEP BUSY – always do something, never be lazy

Our investors just think that a seasoned CEO could take some things off your plate. –

SEASONED – experienced

TAKE SOMETHING OFF ONE’S PLATE – do someone’s job for them

I did not see this coming. – I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING – I didn’t expect this, this is new.

She’s trying to do right by everyone. – DO RIGHT BY SOMEONE – do what’s best for another person

I’m the house masseuse – another oldie but goodie here. – OLDIE BUT GOODIE – old but competent


Task 3: Sentence patterns to know


You’re not as old as I thought you were.

I thought she was meeting with her new intern.


In these sentences you can see examples of tense changes in verbs when the main verb is in the past. In both sentences “thought” is the main verb – the past tense of think. As a result, the verb that follows in the next part of the sentence is switched to the past.


Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures Link to the movie on warnerbros.com.


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