Oct 22

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16 Words Often Used Incorrectly – A2/B1 level – QUIZ

These words are often used incorrectly, so let’s see how well you can use them. Do the quiz, and then read the explanations to help you remember them better!

Level: A2/B1


Here it goes!



Between and among

Between is used to separate people or things.

Example: The temperature was between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius all week.

Between you and me, he is not a good boss.

Among is used when there are more people or things to divide or choose something, and they are not named separately.

Example: They divided the assets among the children.

Discuss this among yourselves.


Bring and take

bring = move or carry objects here

Example: Could you bring me a cup of tea?

take = move or carry object there

Example: Could you take me to the airport?


Fewer and less

These words are synonyms, but you have to use fewer to refer to things you can count, and less to refer to things you can’t count.


I’d love to work fewer hours for more money.

But I wouldn’t want to do more hours for less money!


Then and than

Then = expresses that something comes after something else in time.

Example: Eat your spinach, and then you can have dessert.

Than = is used to compare two people or two things

Example: Tina is taller than Sam.


It’s and its

It’s = short for it is

Example: It’s beautiful outside. – It is  beautiful outside.

its = possessive pronoun expressing that something belongs to something else.

Example: This is my favorite handbag even though its zip doesn’t work.


They’re and their

they’re = short for they are

Example: I love my kids. They’re great!

their = possessive pronoun which shows that they own something.

Example: Sarah and Jim are such wonderful people. We are going to their place tonight.


Who’s and whose

who’s = short for who is

Example: Who is supposed to take out the garbage today?

whose = expresses possession

Example: Whose jacket is this? Is it yours, Rebecca?


You’re and your

you’re = short for you are

Example: You’re beautiful!

your = possessive pronoun in the 2nd person singular and plural

Example: Could you lend me your pen for a minute?


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