Oct 05

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2 iN 1 Mind & Body – 3 Key Moves to Sculpt Your Arms & 3 Key Patterns to Make your English Fluent

Feel like doing a really quick exercise to tone up your arms? Why not give it a boost and train your brain at the same time? Watch the video, listen to the expressions and do a quick interactive quiz to make your English more fluent and natural!


Task 1 – Watch the video & work those arms!


Task 2 – Do your English workout

In this video the trainer uses 3 key patterns that you often hear in spoken English. These expressions will make your English more fluent and natural.

# 1: What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start with …. =

This is a longer way of saying  “We are going to start with….”, but it means the same thing.

# 2: All you need are 3 pound weights and hopefully some great music to move to =

This is another way of saying “You need 3 pound weights and some great music”.

When you want to say that you only need 1 thing, you say: All you need IS ….(for example) love – the verb “be” in the singular.

# 3: I want you to learn how to get your hips into the workout.  – Remember that the verb WANT uses this special structure in English. You CANNOT use the ‘that+verb’ clause after WANT.


Now let’s practice these patterns!


Here it goes!



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