Oct 16

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2iN1 Mind & Body – The Best Moves for a Bikini Bottom & The Essential Words to Describe Movements

Welcome to the next edition of our 2iN1 Mind & Body series! Are you about to start getting ready for your summer vacation? Then, take a break and get yourself in bikini shape by doing these exercises, and while you are at it,  get your English vacation-ready too by learning the body parts & verbs to talk about movement in English. Have fun!


Task # 1: Build your muscles! Watch the video & do the moves!



what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start…. – ‘gonna’ is the same as ‘going to’ , so using this expression she is introducing the moves that you are going to do

lower abs – ‘abs’ is short for ‘abdominals’, which refers to the muscles in your belly (middle part of your body), so the lower abs are the lower part of your belly

hamstring – the muscles on the back side of the upper leg

thigh – your upper leg above the knee

hip – the top part of your leg, where your leg meets your middle

reps – short for ‘repetitions’, the number of times you do the exercise over and over again

ankle  – where your foot and leg connects

ankle weights – a padded heavy object that you wrap around your ankle to make the exercise more difficult to do

1 pound = 0.454 kilogram that is almost half a kilogram

a plank position – in this position your feet and your hands are on the ground and you are facing the floor with your back straight (as a long piece of wooden board)

an attitude position – in this position you bend your leg by bringing your foot closer to your butt, but not all the way

VERBS (to talk about things you do)

lift (your leg) – to get something up off the ground, raise

kick (low and high) – to hit with your foot

rotate (your leg) – to move in a circle or semi-circle

twist (your arm)- to bend or turn something

extend (your leg)- to stretch an arm or a leg away from you

swing (your body, your legs, arms) – to move from side to side

















Task # 2: Build your vocabulary – The Top 6 Verbs to talk about movement


lift – kick – extend – swing – twist – do


Do the quiz to practice the verbs you learned from the video!


Here it goes! You have 2 minutes to do the quiz, but you can try it as many times as you want! Ready, set, go!!!!!



OPTIONAL TASK: Write us a comment to tell us about other workout videos you’d like to watch!


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