Dec 23

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18 Last-Minute Gifts That Will Help You Save Christmas

So you waited until the absolute last minute to do your shopping and now you’re here, reading this, wasting precious moments that should be filled with anxious, click-happy buying. Fear not: There are a variety of quick-shipping products and digital items that, despite your oversight, will be very appreciated by their recipients. Before you go pick up that Olive Garden gift card or grab a generic bottle of wine, take a quick look at 18 last-minute holiday gifts as selected by WIRED.

Click HERE to browse the list of their favourite last minute gifts!

Expressions marked in red are explained in the VocabList below.

Are you still in doubt what to give for your loved ones? Take a look at this!



to waste (precious moments) = to use too much time unnecessarily

precious = of great value

anxious = worried, nervous

to appreciate = to value, to welcome

recipient = a person who receives something

to grab = (here) to pick


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