Dec 11

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Interactive Listening Quiz – “Deck the Halls” with a spin from Home Alone

Remember Marv and Harry from Home Alone? Believe it or not the Home Alone movie is more than a quarter of a century old! If you like reminiscing about fun movies from the past, here is a classic example of a Christmas song with a twist starring the funniest burglars of all time: Marv and Harry.


Watch the clip, listen & fill in the gaps with a suitable word. When you are done, click ‘View Questions’ to check your answers.


Here it goes!





Deck (= decorate) the halls with Marv and Harry

Make their Christmas not so merry

Give them bricks and give them wrenches (=a metal tool for holding and turning things)

One more Christmas in the trenches (= a deep hole dug in the ground for soldiers to protect them from attacks)


Toss (=throw) some paint cans down to greet them

Send the toolbox down to meet them

Serve them nails for Christmas dinner

Kevin is declared the winner


Harry: May I do the thinking, please?

Marv: You’re wearing aftershave?

Harry: That’s kerosene!

Marv: Now why would anybody soak (=put something in a liquid to make it wet) a rope in kerosene?

Kevin: Merry Christmas!



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Movie poster: 20th Century Fox


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