Dec 16

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The Top 10 Most Common Words with UP

Take this quiz to practice the top 10 most common words with UP. Well, only if you‘re up for it (= ready), Scroll down for a list of words to know.


Level: B1 and above



Practice the most frequent everyday expressions with “up”!




heads-up = a warning, an advice in advance

thumbs-up = a reaction to show you like something

hold-up = a short delay

breakup = the end of a relationship, e.g., marriage

mix-up = an error, a small mistake

start-up = a small business that just started

screw-up = a big mistake that causes a lot of problems

slip-up = a small mistake

backup = 1 a copy of information and files on your computer, 2 help

What’s up? = How is it going? How are you?


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