Dec 18

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The Ultimate Immigrant Story – Gloria & Emilio Estefan

The success story of Gloria & Emilio Estefan can be considered the ultimate immigrant story. At a time when immigration is such a debated issue all over the world, their story can be inspiring to many! Enjoy the interview and learn some useful expressions along the way.

Level: B2 and above





immigrants are being demonized = immigrants are blamed for everything that’s wrong with the country

it is very timely (adj) = it is happening at the right time

at every election cycle we see it = it happens every time there is an election

take something for granted = to think that everyone has the freedoms, the wealth you have

we are not affiliated = we are not members of any political party

at the peak of our fame = when we were the most famous

create a loving tribute to (here: Cuba) = to create something such as a song or poem that shows how great something is (here: Cuba)

prove someone wrong = to show that someone was wrong about you


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