Dec 22

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tv & english – The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon & Penny exchange gifts

If you are a Big Bang Theory fan, you’ll love this scene – it’s also a great way to pick up spoken expressions in English.




You’re here to exchange gifts. = give a gifts to each other

I’m having some digestive distress. = My stomach is upset, I’m feeling sick.

abruptly excuse myself = suddenly say that you have to go

turn it over = turn something to see what’s on the other side

live long and prosper = live a long and rich life

I possess the DNA of Leonard Nimoy = I have/own the DNA of Leonard Nimoy

All I’m giving you is the napkin. = I’m giving you the napkin, that’s all.

Be right back. = I’ll come back here in a minute.

A gift certificate for motorcycle lessons = a piece of paper that shows that someone paid for your lessons

How thoughtful (of you). = How nice of you.

so you’ll appreciate what I got you = you’ll like my present for you.

because you are so into science = because you love science so much



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Poster: Warner Brothers

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