Dec 30

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Get+adjective expressions – 10 Words in 10 Minutes

Get+adjective expressions

Get+adjective expressions are often used in everyday English. Here are the 10 most frequent ones.


Get can combine with lots of adjectives to make expressions that will make your English more fluent. Here are the 10 most useful get+adjective phrases!

get crazy = have fun, try new things, let loose

Go ahead, try a new hairstyle, get crazy – you’re only young once.

get married = to marry someone

I met my fiancee last year and we’re getting married next June.

get divorced = divorce someone

Unfortunately, the marriage ended in divorce, they got divorced last year.

get lost = not be able to find your way

Frankfurt airport is so confusing, I get lost every time I go there.

This expression can also be used to tell someone to go away in a rude, unfriendly way.

get mad/angry = become angry

I have to tell you something, but please don’t get mad – I broke your favorite vase!

get better = be better than it is now

I’m sorry you have the sniffles (= a cold), but I’m sure you’ll get better soon.

get worse = be worse than it is now

He has always been a shopaholic (= someone who likes shopping too much), but it has got(ten) worse. He is spending all his free time at the mall these days.

get dark = become dark in the evening

In the winter when the days are shorter, it gets dark very early.

get tired of = have enough of something

He is always late, I’m really getting tired of waiting for him everywhere.

get safer = become safer than it is

The city has got a lot safer these last years ever since our mayor was elected.



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