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Easily Confused Words – Find, Found & Fund Explained

The verbs find, found, and fund are easily confused – people often have a hard time learning them, so let’s do a quick revision and see how they differ in meaning and how they are used in context. After that you can take an interactive quiz to practice using the words in context.

Level: B1/B2 and above


STUDY TIP: It’s a good idea to print out this page for future reference & practice.


1) FIND, FOUND, FOUND (verb) = to discover something

Can you find me my green handbag? I don’t know where I put it.

Look what I found in the drawer! Grandma’s pearls!

FINDING (noun) = result, information that you discover as a result of research

The findings of this new research will be published last year.

2) FOUND, FOUNDED, FOUNDED (verb) = start an organization, establish.

His family founded the museum of fine arts in our town.

We founded our company 20 years ago.

FOUNDATION (noun) = 1) the base of a building or an idea, 2) an organization that gives money for a particular purpose

The builders are beginning to lay the foundations of the new apartment building tomorrow.

This rumor has no foundation at all, it’s all made up.

The proceeds from the concert will go to the ALS Foundation.

FOUNDER (noun) = a person who starts a company or an organization

My great-grandfather was the founder of our family company.

FOUNDING MEMBER (noun) = a person or a country who helped start an organization

Italy is one of the founding members of the European Union.

3) FUND, FUNDED, FUNDED (verb) = to give money for a particular purpose

The EU funds lots of different projects in a wide range of fields.

Our project was funded by the university.

FUNDING (noun) = financial support

EU funding is available to lots of students in Europe.

FUND (noun) = an amount of money set aside for a particular purpose

The EIB’s retirement fund pays the pension of employees over 65 who worked at the EIB for at least 5 years.

FUNDS (plural noun) = money available to be spent for a particular purpose

A lack of funds would explain why the hospital is so run down.

Government funds are available for small enterprises.

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