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News&BusinessEnglish – Apple: What to expect in 2016?

Yahoo Finance presents a number of new Apple products and upgrades to arrive in the stores in 2016. Apart from what you can expect from the newest iPhones, iPads and other upgrades, the text also provides you with plenty of formal and inormal Business English expressions.

So, before you start reading, let’s go through some power-packed expressions that will make your Business English more spectacular.

StudyTip: memorise the expressions in context (= sentences) !



  • …the tech giant was very busy cranking out new products’

to crank out = to produce with no care/effort (US informal)

  •  There is a lot of buzz about an iPhone 7 rolling out in 2016

a lot of buzz about something = a lot of talk / rumours about something

to roll out = (here) to come out for the first time

  • The second version of the Apple Watch is rumored to launch at an Apple event in March, and go on sale in April.

is rumoured to launch = is expected to be introduced

to go on sale = to be available in shops

  • Don’t expect to see a new iPad hit store shelves in the coming year, since Apple just released the iPad Pro in 2015

to hit store shelves = to be very successfull in sales

to release = to launch (a product)

  • Apple stores to go upscale?

to go upscale = to become of very high quality and expensive (in order to reach wealthy customers)


You may read the complete article here.

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