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Sample Answers Job Interview Questions – The Weakness Question – Interactive Listening

Sample answers to job interview questions is a part of our JOB HUNT series. We’ll go through the most common and difficult job interview questions and give you sample answers suggested by HR experts in the field. One of the most common and least liked questions you can get at the job interview is the weakness question.

Read more about the weakness question and tips on how to nail the answer (=get it right)!

Watch this short video written by interview coach Pamela Skillings for another great sample answer to this rather annoying question.

Do this interactive listening quiz to improve your skills in listening to fast-paced English, then answer the questions about this short sample answer.

Watch the video, start the quiz, and type the missing words on the lines.

Here it goes!




What is the candidate’s weakness? 

a) fear of public speaking    b) impatience      c) delegating some of her tasks

How is she working on her weakness? 

a) She’s taking a course in public speaking.

b) She is offering constructive criticism to her colleagues rather than being impatient.

c) She is learning to trust others with some of her duties.


b & b

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Sample Answers to the Weakness Question – The JOB HUNT Series

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