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Sample CV # 1 – Entry Level Administrative Assistant

Below you will find a sample CV for an entry-level administrative assistant job. You will see that there are some key ideas and expressions that you may use from it when you develop your own CV.

First of all, an entry-level job means that the person who the employer will hire has no or little work experience, so it is an ideal position for young graduates who are fresh out of school. You may ask yourself what you can put on your CV if you have little or no experience at all. In this case you cannot talk about your previous work-related achievements and accomplishments. So what can you talk about?

Just because you have little or no work experience, it doesn’t mean that you have no previous life experience that will make you a perfect candidate for the job. In your CV, you can describe courses you took that are relevant/important for the job you are applying for, you can describe your key skills (=things you are good at), and previous internships and even small summer jobs you took as a student. This will give the employer a good idea of what you know and can do well.

So the basic structure of your CV will be the following:

  • Personal information (name, address, phone numbers, email, personal website if applicable)
  • Education/Training: name of school(s) and a list of important courses you took
  • Key Skills: a list of skills and competences you mastered (for example: computer skills, office skills, people skills, language skills, study skills, etc.)
  • Experience: internships, summer jobs, babysitting (any previous activity that may be relevant for the job).


In the below you will find a sample CV written in response to a job advertisement. Read the job ad first and then go on to the sample CV. Important words and expressions are highlighted.


The Job Profile (as it appeared in the job advertisement)



Administrative support professional offering versatile (= able to do different things) office management skills and proficiency (= mastery) in Microsoft Office programs. Strong planner and problem solver who readily adapts to change (= can do different things one right after the other), works independently and exceeds expectations (= does more than expected). Able to juggle multiple priorities (= do several things at the same time, multitasking) and meet tight deadlines (= finish something by a given date or time) without compromising quality (= do good quality work) . Salary negotiable (= will be discussed at the interview, be prepared to argue for yourself).


Here is the sample CV:



200 Crazy St.

Mytown, NY 55555

Home: 555-555-5555

Cell: 333-333-333



SCHOOL, Mytown

Executive Assistant Certificate, 2014

Relevant Courses:

  • Project Management for Executive Assistants
  • MS Office for Professional Staff
  • Presentations for Business Professionals
  • Communication Skills for Executive Assistants
  • French for Business


Office Skills: Office management, records management, database administration, calendaring, travel coordination, front-desk reception, event management

Computer Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Outlook

Language Skills: English – Native, Spanish – Proficient (C2), French – Fluent reading skills (B2)


SCHOOL, Mytown

Intern, 2014-15 (2 semesters)

Highlights (= most important responsibilities):

Handled multifaceted (=diverse) clerical (=office) tasks such as data entry, filing, records management as the assistant to the international student service. Maintained database and ensured the delivery of excellent service to students. Helped organize 10 information events for international students that contributed to high enrollment rates (= a high number of students enrolled in programs at the school) and student satisfaction (= students felt happy about the service they got). Prepared and translated official school correspondence. Earned praise (= got high marks) on performance reviews. Quickly became a trusted assistant known for “can-do” attitude (= never says he can’t do things), flexibility, great communication skills and high-quality work.

Got questions about a CV? Contact us, we’ll be glad to help!


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