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Get Ready for Skiing! – Picture Dictionary

Beginner or expert, there are a few things you need to know so as to make your ski holiday a happy and safe experience. Prepare your ski holiday by being fit and well-equipped AND also by being confident in using English!This page will help you memorise some key terms related to skiing, ranging from waxed and edged skies  to snow plough braking to skiing off-piste, based on tips provided by ulitmate-ski.com.

 Get Ready for Skiing!


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To get the most out of your ski holiday:

…. do not forget to have your boots fitted (=adjusted to your feet)

….make sure your skis are serviced. Do a safety check before you set off!

…the minimum things you should do is waxing the bases and sharpening the edges

….make sure the shell of the boot (=the outer part of your boots) suits your level of skiing

….when hiring, ask for a different boot if the first choice is too stiff (=small) or too big

… if you are a beginner, do not forget your helmet that protects your head

... if your are a beginner, you’d better avoid skiing off-piste (=away from prepared ski runs)

… if you are a beginner, the first thing you should learn is how to do a snow plough stop (see picture above)


You may also find some further tips for how to get ready for skiing  HERE.


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