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Questions To Ask Before Renting an Apartment

The 25 most important questions to ask before renting an apartment

Do you know what questions to ask before renting an apartment? To make the apartment-hunt easier, we collected the most important questions to ask the landlord or your agent. Here they are!

About Money

1) How much is the monthly rent?
2) Where and when must rent be paid?
3) Do you charge a (late) fee if the rent is paid later than the due date?
4) Do I pay for heating (electric, gas, or oil), water/sewer, hot water, electricity, garbage collection, cable TV separately?
5) Are the utilities charged to the individual apartments or averaged between apartments/residents?
6) What are average heating/cooling bills in May/December?
7) How much is the security deposit?
8) When and where must the deposit be paid?
9) Is my deposit held on a separate account?
10) Do I receive an interest on my deposit?
11) Can I have my security deposit returned in full?

About Administrative issues & Paperwork

12) Do I need to fill out and submit an application (for a lease)?   See a sample application form here
13) How many people may be registered/live at this address?
14) May I rent from you for a shorter time period such as 2 months?
15) Who will complete the damage report when I move in and out?

About Subletting and lease termination

16) How much notice do I need to give to renew or terminate the lease?
17) Does the lease contain an escalator clause that says that my rent payment could increase during the time I am renting the apartment?
18) May I sublet my lease?
19) May I assign my lease?
20) May I allow someone else to rent the apartment if I move out before my lease is over?

About Facilities & Maintenance

21) Is the apartment furnished or unfurnished?
21) Is there a common laundry room in the building?
22) How do you handle pest control?
23) Do you have an on-site maintenance staff/repair person to handle repair requests?
24) Is there a supermarket/shopping center/clinic within walking distance?
25) How accessible/far is public transportation?




accessible (adjective) = easy to reach

averaged = the costs are distributed between the residents

assign the lease = allow someone else to rent the apartment (that is take over the lease) if you move out before the lease runs out

damage report = a report filled out when you move in and when you move out of the apartment to see if you need to make or pay for repairs

deposit (noun) = a sum of money paid by someone who rents something that is returned to them if no damages are done to the property

due date  = the day by which you must do something (here: pay for the apartment)

escalator clause (in a lease) = a part of the rental agreement that says that rent payment could increase during the time you are renting the apartment

fee = an extra charge, an additional cost

in full = the complete amount of money

interest (noun) = extra money you receive when you put your money in the bank

listing (noun) = here: a property that you rent (e.g., apartment, house, flat, garden, etc)

notify (verb) = let someone know, inform someone

on-site maintenance staff/repair person = a person or people who you can call if you need to get something repaired at the apartment

pest control = making sure there are no bugs or rodents (e.g., mice) in the building

renew a lease = extend your contract for a longer period than planned

rental (noun) = a property that you rent (e.g., apartment, house, flat, garden, etc)

sublet a lease = assign a lease

submit an application for a lease = to fill in an application form and give it to the landlord See a sample application form here

terminate a lease = break, get out of a rental agreement

utilities = water, electricity, gas

a viewing (noun) = a meeting with the landlord/agent when he/she shows you the apartment/house you want to rent

water/sewer (non) = clean and used water carried in pipes to and from buildings

within walking distance = close enough to walk there


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