Jan 20

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Who said it? Star Wars & EU Political Discourse Quiz

Politicians seem to talk alike on the big screen and in real life. Here are some key expressions that you may often hear in political discourse in the news.



a ​group of ​people ​chosen to ​represent a ​larger ​organization

Examples: the school development committee, Committee of the Regions


a ​group of ​people ​elected or ​chosen to make ​decisions or give ​advice about something, to run an organization or represent people

Examples: United Nations Security Council, the Council of the EU


a ​person in a ​position of the ​highest ​rank, ​especially in a ​government

Example: Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany.

It takes two to tango.

There are things that one person cannot do alone.

grant permission to do something

allow someone to do something, give permission, permit  someone to do something



Now click here take a funny quiz published on politico.de to test yourself. Have you been watching too much news or too much Star Wars? :)

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