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More Apartment Repairs – Picture Dictionary Part 2

Apartment repairs include a wide range of fix-up jobs from light plumbing (= things to do with pipes and water) through light electric jobs (= things to do with lighting and electricity) to painting the walls and fixing door frames. Do you know how to talk about them in English? The pages in our Picture Dictionary will help you talk about the problems that you may have in your home.

Look at the first page of the Apartment Repairs Picture Dictionary here.

Let’s look at what else can go wrong in the apartment.

More Apartment Repairs – What else can go wrong?


Chair_shatit srihin




To fix a shaky / wobbly chair.

(= a chair that almost collapses because its legs aren’t steady)







Clutter_Bill Longshaw

To de-clutter a bedroom / closet / basement.

(= to clean up the mess)




Tiling_AmbroThe tiles in the bathroom are loose

(=they fall off the wall)

We need to repair the tiling in the bathroom.


Window_Witthaya Phonsawat



The curtain rod fell down – we need to install (=put up) a new one.

The curtain rod bracket got ripped out of the wall.

(= the curtain rod comes out of the wall)





The central heating is broken. (=it isn’t working)

The circular heating system stopped working.






Words for FIXING a problem

The following words can be used to talk about what you do about the problem to fix it. They are synonyms, which means that they all mean the same thing and can be used with all kinds of problems in the apartment.

repair  (repaired, repaired)

I got the lock repaired. It just needed a little oil, the key turns easily in it now.

I got the lamp in our bedroom repaired.

fix (fixed, fixed)

The super(intendent)  fixed the toilet – I didn’t need to call a plumber.

Can you recommend a good handyman? My door lock is jammed.

mend (mended, mended)

The glazier mended the window frames. They were bent and drafty, but now they are all good.

Do you think you could mend this door handle? It’s so loose, it may come off anytime.


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