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BONDING & SHARING – Picture Dictionary

BONDING & SHARING are two words you often hear in everyday conversation. Do you know the difference between the two words?

In this post we’ll discuss the different meanings of the words bonding and sharing and you’ll learn a couple of great expressions you can use to impress everyone with your English. So here is what you need to know:



1) develop a relationship

Young mothers bond with their babies very fast.

2) join two things together

The atoms bond together to form a molecule.

This glue can bond metal to wood in seconds.

BOND (noun)

1) A strong connection between people

They have known each other since they were children, so there is a strong / special bond between them.

2) An agreement by the government to pay interest on money you lent them

The savings bonds issued by the US government are considered to be one of the safest investments because they are backed by the US government.


Bond4_ JomphongBONDING (noun)

1) The process of forming a special relationship with someone.

Bonding can take a long time.

ID-1003292802) In chemistry: Covalent and ionic bonding are two examples of chemical bonding.


Bonding is a dental cosmetic procedure which can repair a chipped, fractured and discolored tooth, or to make teeth appear longer, and as a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings.

ID-10055654TO SHARE

1) Use something together with someone

I can’t find an empty table. Would you mind sharing? Sure – no problem. I’m almost done anyway.

ID-1002995592) Divide something between several people

We shared a pizza between the 3 of us.

Little Katie has several sisters, so she’s used to sharing.

Job-sharing is becoming more and more popular with young mothers.

ID-1002240502) To have the same opinion/feelings as someone else.

We don’t agree on everything, but we share the same political views – that’s something we always agreed on.





ID-1003883543) To be involved in something or be responsible for it together

We share in the housework since we both work full time.

They shared the blame for the accident.

ID-10055233SHARE (noun)

1) a part of something

This year we hope to have a bigger share of the book market.

I have done my share of the housework – now it’s your turn!

Jake is thinking of selling his timeshare in Ibiza.

ID-1001502312) in business Рthe units of equal value that a company is divided into so it can be sold to people who will then be shareholders in the company  




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