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English Workout – Flat Stomach & Key English Vocabulary

English Workout is a series of activities in which we pair a quick physical workout with a quick mental exercise, so you get to do 2 things at once – wake up your muscles AND your brain!

English Workout will work your muscles and build your English vovabulary making your blood AND your English flow! Have fun!

Level: from lower-intermediate level up – the sky’s the limit!

TASK # 1: Work those muscles!

Watch the video and do the activities as suggested – working out is great for your circulation, which in turn will make it easier for you to concentrate on learning a few key body-related words and expressions to make your English flow naturally.  While you are doing the exercise, don’t just copy the moves, make an effort to listen to the instructions.



TASK # 2: Exercise your brain!
Take this vocabulary quiz  which contains 5 quick questions to help you remember key words from the video.


Here it goes! Good luck :)



abs = short for ‘abdominals’, the muscles of the abdomen (stomach and surrounding areas)

crunch up = to roll up from a lying position to strengthen your abs

grab a towel = take a towel in your hand

hand towel = a piece of cloth or paper used for drying your hands

hip = the part of your body at the top of your leg where the legs join your trunk

lie, lay, lain = to put yourself in a flat position on the bed or on the floor

place it on the floor = to set/put it on the floor

reps = short for ‘repetitions’, the number of times you do the exercise over and over again

slide (verb) = to move quickly and easily on a smooth floor

smooth = completely flat and even, the opposite of ‘rough’

stand still = to stand without moving your body



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