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EU English – Using English in EU Contexts with English-Hungarian EU Terminology

The book is designed to give intermediate (B2) level learners of English an introduction into the institutions, decision-making processes and policies of the European Union, to help them master the specialized vocabulary of EU documents and to improve their ability to communicate in real-life situations.  It is unique in a number of aspects. Firstly, it combines a syllabus based on EU content with systematic skills development involving the four core skills (reading, listening, writing, speaking), and featuring ‘how to boxes’, ‘small talk sections’ and ‘internet research projects’, as well. Secondly, the tasks in this book are based on authentic materials taken from a large collection of English language EU documents (EU corpora), which makes it possible for learners to learn how language is really used in English language EU documents. Thirdly, it gives an insight into the multilingual functioning of the EU and a detailed, learner-friendly English-Hungarian glossary with the most up-to-date standard EU terms and with references to the changes introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon.

The book contains 14 units, a Grammar Reminder&Practice section, an English-Hungarian EU Terminology Section, as well as an Answer Key and Audio Scripts for all listening material. It can be used for classroom coursebook or for self-study.

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EU English – Using English in EU Contexts with English EU Terminology

international & updated edition

The international edition of EU English is based on the same concept as the previous edition, the units and the grammar section feature the same topics. In this edition, however, not only the Glossary of English EU Terminology, but all of the texts in the units have been brought into line with the Treaty of Lisbon, which entered into force on December 1 2009. The authentic materials that serve as a basis for the language development tasks have been either replaced with new, up-to-date texts or amended accordingly in order to accommodate the changes brought about by the Treaty. It is complete with a learner-friendly, detailed, monolingual (English only) Glossary of English EU Terminology and Study Pages on EU terminology. Apart from the Terminology section, the international edition contains 14 units, a Grammar Reminder&Practice section, as well as an Answer Key and Audio Scripts for all listening material. It can be used for classroom coursebook or for self-study.

Learners of English who would greatly benefit from this book include people from practically all walks of social, economic and political life, such as civil servants, lawyers, economists, bankers, teachers, secretaries, assistants, university and college students and prospective EU officials, and everybody who is preparing a language exam or an EPSO competition in English.

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“For citizens of the European Union learning about the EU is indispensible. This new, highly- recommended language book offers an exciting adventure and is a most useful companion for every language learner.” – Zoltán Loboda, Education attaché, Permanent Representation of the Republic of Hungary to the European Union

„A highly accessible book on the European Union with interesting, revelant and up-to-date topics. The clarity of the Eu Terminology Glossary is particularly helpful for both teachers and students – either civil servants working within the EU context or students doing EU studies.” – Erika Osváth, teacher trainer

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