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Jan 20

Who is the EU’s Foreign Policy Chief?

 Who is the EU’s foreign policy chief? Do you know? In this short video you can learn about the EU’s top diplomat and her job. It comes with a quick, interactive listening quiz to help you get the main ideas. INTERACTIVE QUIZ Practice listening for key information (gist) about the EU’s foreign policy chief. Type …

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Oct 16

2iN1 Mind & Body – The Best Moves for a Bikini Bottom & The Essential Words to Describe Movements

 Welcome to the next edition of our 2iN1 Mind & Body series! Are you about to start getting ready for your summer vacation? Then, take a break and get yourself in bikini shape by doing these exercises, and while you are at it,  get your English vacation-ready too by learning the body parts & verbs …

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May 25

Getting into the right school – College admissions gone wild

 How dead set should you (or your kids) be to get into the best school, the school of your dreams? How much does it matter where you graduate from? And what do universities do to attract as many students as possible and why if they are going to have to refuse most prospective students anyway? …

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Mar 27

Can Facebook help politicians in Europe?

 Watch the video to find out more about how Facebook can help politicians in the EU.  If you’d like to improve your English at the same time, download the activities here. Image courtesy of Stuart Mile at FreeDigitalPhotos.net   If you like this video lesson, share it with friends and colleagues by using the button …

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