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May 25

Getting into the right school – College admissions gone wild

 How dead set should you (or your kids) be to get into the best school, the school of your dreams? How much does it matter where you graduate from? And what do universities do to attract as many students as possible and why if they are going to have to refuse most prospective students anyway? …

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May 20

What’s the most important job skill today?

 What are the most important job skills today? What do you think? Watch this interesting video to find out how your CV or resume is going to change in the future and how to ‘sell’ yourself on the job market. The video comes with a quick vocabulary quiz that will help you learn the most …

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May 05

YangYang: Robot strikingly resembling Sarah Palin is unveiled in China

 How do you feel about the possibility of humanoid robot sales people in stores? While I do appreciate scientific advances in general, I have strongly mixed feelings about this one! Watch the report and decide for yourself. For your language learning experience of the day, we put together a vocab quiz for you using words …

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Feb 27

Upcoming event: EU English course in March 2015

 Our next EU English course will be held between March 23-25, 2015. The course is organized by the Tempus Public Foundation. For more information and on HOW to participate: visit the¬†website of the Tempus Public Foundation See you there!  

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