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The Halloween Boo Song – brought to you by Curious George

 Halloween is time to scare the heck out of your friends, so here is a great song that also teaches […]

16 Words Often Used Incorrectly – A2/B1 level – QUIZ

 These words are often used incorrectly, so let’s see how well you can use them. Do the quiz, and then […]

Cook in English! Yummy Fall Recipes – Pumpkin/Squash soup

 As the weather turns cold I like to make hearty (=big, with lots of vegetables) soups to keep us warm! […]

Dirty Dancing is 28 years old

 Dirty Dancing hit theaters 28 years ago and it was an instant success shooting its stars, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer […]

The Secret Life of Pets Trailer – Elementary listening practice

 ┬áThis funny trailer gives you a great opportunity to practice a few simple expressions. You will practice: – how to […]


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